What's Going On

Written by: Damali Thomas

These hoes get glorified fed with ugly lies need the lord to get sanctified. 
What about us girls who are high class and have pride? Are we extinct, when did we lose our ability to think? 
I feel we few are on the brink. 
Men, who praise virgins, but seek vermin.
A contradictory life which is so mundane; two heads and only one brain. 

Talking about you want this and that, but no education and nothing but the clothes on your back? Brothers need education, not the hoes, drugs and guns y’all be chasing. Education is your passport to explore the universe, tired of seeing the young in a black hearse. 

Sisters, what a mess y’all created loose behavior that you dominated. Hating our own, when we should be the queens that you up there on that throne.  Getting by just to get by, living as if you don’t care if you live or die.

 A hoe is a tool, not what should define you. You define you.  Keep that in mind whenever that mindset decides to control you. What we do now dictates our future, we are our last hope.