Reminiscing is a funny thing

Written by: Damali Thomas

Reminiscing is a funny thing... 

It's what you remember in the past of what once was. 
Stored in your memory; reliving it FOREVER, 
The good, bad and the ugly.

Reminiscing is a funny thing... 

Because its a time capsule, a photo captured of your life-- 
Stuck in the past--void of the future, so you NEVER move on.

But there comes a time, when its crucial for one to move on; vital to your survival. 

To purge all the pain and regret, that holds us back from living in the present. For when we DO reminisce, we reopen the scar, that we thought was once healed--revealed our flash of weakness..

Reminiscing is a funny thing... 

Alot can be said, or felt of our past--that's if we choose it. We are the true instigators of our own history.

But, the funny thing about reminiscing is that its not funny at all.....