Dirty Deeds

Written by: Sherese Gooden

 The serpent closed in on Eve at twilight
 A nebulous shape in the half light, fangs
 Hidden beneath his hood and she, her vision
 Blurred was completely beguiled by his lies.

 He bought her white roses that she watered
 With her tears and chocolate dark like his soul.
 He spiced his lies with compliments and promises
 And she was completely beguiled by his lies.

 Like a sponge he sucked her resources and lied.
 When heavy with her giving heart he gave 
 His time to Evie then Everly and finally to
 Every woman or girl who glittered like gold.

 He matured and widened his audience to include
 Even his friends. He borrowed, stole, swindled
 Gambled, smiled and lied, lied and smiled
 Until his conscience died and he wreaked havoc
 On the lives of those who loved him most.  

 Now he's just a rat who slinks into his hole, scorned,
 shunned that’s his due, and finally  I want him to 
 know, I’ve put his portrait on Poetry Soup and all
 will remember him as  the-serpent-turned-rat
 who drowned  in his bowl of soup.