Yellow Frogs

Written by: FABIYAS M V

Our note is composed
Before the shroud of summer.
It’s a deep song offering
At the feet of rainy clouds.

Monsoon was a spring of spree.
Fresh rain drops had scattered us
In the paddy fields and ponds,
Where we organized shrill concerts
In bright yellow coats.
Leaping in love and diving in joy,
It was a paradise regained.

Monsoon is now a drought.
Our diving dreams die
With the paddy fields and ponds
Affected with the development.
As men cleave our lives,
All leaping joys end in the frying pan.
We hide in the unwanted holes.
Our tunes are wasted
Against the concrete walls.
Truly, we are now in yellow.

*Monsoon rain comes to Kerala, immediately after summer,in June.Then the air will be noisy with the croak of frogs.When the first rain starts,the fields and ponds will be filled with frogs yellow in color.