my love is real

Written by: Carma Reed

my love is real no game laid out for two, 
this i tell only one for he is the true 
hero of my heart. for i miss him so and
the passion soars among butterflies in my 
stomach and ills me to the bone each n 
everyday were apart, come to me, fly with me, 
hide away with me, we are the tru reason for 
fate among one another and family shared faith 
i surely will die. 
unbarried tombs of gold, you are my
diamond in the ruff, A love strongly 
casted between A sparkling ring of fire that 
i dare to go. 
I burn,so burn with me baby for our love can 
never die out, because i love you so, as i 
strike this match to A promise of us to
love you enternealy to settle for nothing