No Pictures In The Picture Frames

Written by: Donald Eissler

No pictures in the picture frames
They just hang lonely on the wall
There's no fire in the firplace
No footsteps in the hall
Don't know when it happened
Know it wasn't just yesterday
As we were growing older
Our love seemed to slip away!
When I would reach out for you
In hopes that you still cared
But no matter what I did or said
You were distant - just not there!
They say one can see the future
Just by looking in their past
Should have paid more attention
Would have known this wouldn't last
Now someday in the future
I will fill again those empty frames
Build a fire in that fireplace
To see once again its flames
I know that I will hear once more
Footsteps echoing down my hall
Finding joy and happiness
With a new love after all
I don't know if that's my future
But I know that I shall try
When I give my love to someone else
I'll be aware of yesterdays gone by