of sleeping and dying

Written by: Jennifer Cahill

Disarray, objects scattered throughout the house
My thoughts as cluttered as the mess
The sun slips in as I lie on my couch
It splatters a kaleidoscope on my chest
To have its fire I would be blessed

Yet my fears, they often succeed my hopes
A desire that I know would disarm
To feel the Winter sky in the falling snow
To unwind nature’s tapestries like yarn
When Spring approaches with its soothing charm

As the opaque sea rolls toward the shore
And Summer’s white lust envelopes my skin
Skin I wish to shed as I did before
When Fall, its red yellow leaves scattering
Reveals frigid carved black brown fingering

This silver white light casts its shading
Melded slick when the flame I am seeking
Sinks, and calls the stars, moonlight cascading
My glancing into time passed so fleeting
I think to rise, see my spirit leaving