I am me

Written by: Kerri Evans

Girl what are you scare of?
Do I represent everything you pretend not to be? 
or is it just jealousy?
With your lies you smear my name
but don’t expect me to break down and cry 
or to hang my head down in shame 
I will always hold my head high
Keep thoughts beyond the sky 
I am stronger than you will ever know

I have never lived on the streets of regret
chasing away memories I desperately want to forget
I learn from my mistakes
I don't dwell on heart breaks
I have no illusions of myself
I never lie to me or pretend to be 
someone else

I may not be the cheerleading type 
or Ms. Popularity but I am proud of who I am
I will make apology for been me 
I am not jealous of things you do
because I never aspire to be like you
So why won’t you let me be?
Aren’t you tired of criticizing me?

I don’t need you or anyone else 
to validate me
because I know who I am 
I am strong, beautiful and proud
I am me!

Try as you might
you can't change my identity
I can’t pigeon holed or stereotyped
because God made me from a special mould
He is the only one who has total control over me
I aspire only to be the best of me

I am me!