I Have A Unicorn Named Dream

Written by: Donald Eissler

I have a unicorn named Dream.
His coat is snowflake white.
We ride upon a rainbow
Till the daylight turns to night.

Some say I am just a dreamer.
That he too is just a dream.
There is no such thing as a unicorn.
Only what I make him seem.

Then how come I can fly,
Touching rainbows as I go.
Resting on wispy clouds,
Looking down on life below.

You may not believe 
The things I say I do. 
Maybe It's because 
You have no faith in you.

 I have heard them laugh
As I set about my task.
Never did they take the time 
To question why or even ask.

Yes, I may be a dreamer
In what is not so understood.
Never have I turned my back.
Something that I never would.

So if you have dream,
Let no one criticize.
It's you that must believe in it 
Not through others eyes.

So saddle up your Dream. 
And ride it to the end.
I am sure that you will find 
You'll never have a better friend .