Written by: carrington marshall


Enter!   Step across the threshold
unto a haunted house.
There’s tricky, tricky vermin here, 
ssshhh !    Tread carefully like a mouse.

Heathens  satyrs ,
bragging lazy waiters,
filthy filthy rats, large red cats.
A bully or two drunk through and through.

But mark me now all these pirates
twould bow down and fall,
begging in front of one
who rules ‘em all.

Gabriel !
A prince in reality
Oh  mighty, mighty  jester,
searching for a flea.

How the ghosts all about
do sit up and stare
if little Gabriel changes unto a bear,
and in a merry muddle  
pisses straight unto a puddle .

Then to ride upon his mare of steel
to some fair isle that isn’t real.
All the maids do love him
cause he dances like a stoat

He’s three feet tall,
six years no more,  master of all
So in this haunted house,
sssshhh!       Tread carefully like a mouse.