Treacle the Dragon

Written by: carrington marshall

Lanterns held high
deep inside the mountain,
peering through darkness
together we beheld,
oh! Such a slimy pit.
Brother’s I declare,
beware the great dragon, Treacle.
What a jest, Smile heartily,
his treasures our brood seek
like all the rest
Gems, rubies, diamonds and sapphires,
count this abundance until satiated,
could we? would we?
Say enough.
Tears of joy fill mine eyes
for his royal master Slumbers.
The guardian of so great a hoard,
desired by such cumbersome burglars
as you and yours.
But accomplices make haste,
Treacle slumbers.
We who seek to bleach
the dragons bones.
cast the die
Swords, axes drawn.
Standing on the precipice,
wealth our desire.
Then strike, thrust, hack,
kill the beast.
Our blunting steel
sings against his scalley armour.
Oh Horror! awaken now denizen of the deep.
Brothers are we not; from the same womb?
For now our fears behold his majesty.
Would one be pious?
When all hope is lost.
You must robbers face the final cost.
But was it a crime
to dream of Treacles treasure.
Tremble in the muck fellow’s
this is to be the day,
all men fear.
Running, stumbling, crawling
through darkness, only his eyes shone.
Would this; could this be but a dream?
Bow down now to the one
Treacle the Dragon.