For My Father

Written by: Grace Cyrus

Snowflakes fell on city streets
Silent descent from the sky
A soul's new journey to the earth
Sounds of a newborn's cries
Angels gathered in heaven
As the soul made its way
Their tears from separation
The joy in a mother's pain
The sunrise shown with graceful intent
And snowflakes melt away
A first gaze in his daughter's eyes
The father silently cries
Waves of time crashed the beach
Riptides of love and pain
Perfection of life's complexities
Drown melodies of lullabies
Waters recede, life goes on
Revealing our path of stepping stones
Letting go of pain, we lighten our load
Let's walk together again
I love you, Father
You see -- The sun's up again
Holding onto love, we have hope and faith
For I am your daughter
Ruth Grace