Trolls and the IRS

Written by: Carol Eastman

I have always said: It’s never wise to mix Trolls and the IRS.
When they get mad… They don’t listen or always do what’s best.
Trolls are quite the fighters and have been winning fights for years.
Who do you think fights the hardest and trains our really great SEALS?

Well a smart Mouthed IRS guy came to our door the other day.
I knew there would be trouble when he ask for a Troll, by his name.
I told him it would be better if I got a lawyer to go as a go between.
But naturally, he knew better… He wanted to see him, im-med-iate-ly!

But, you can’t fix stupid, and the agent didn’t flinch at a Troll, ten foot tall.
He thought the bigger the better, for then, the harder they would fall.
Well, I knew if someone was falling… it wouldn’t be the Troll.
So, I ushered them outside, for I have a rule  “No fighting while indoors”.

Sure enough, within minutes, the agent was found running down the street.
His hair a fright, his shirt torn, wobbling, and one shoe lost, in his retreat.
He was hollering about coming back… and that he would bring the police.
I just waved him good-bye, for around here, we have a law to keep the peace.

The law says, “Absolutely no inciting trouble with Trolls, inside the city limits”.
So I called the sheriff, who was a friend, and explained about the IRS visit.
When the IRS Guy arrived he was given a lawyer and shuffled off to jail.
For there’s an old IRS law, “Don’t talk directly to Trolls, send a lawyer there”.

Lawyers always smile and aren’t threatening while they talk brilliantly on.
Indeed, their words send the fiercest Trolls to sleep, as they go on and on.
And then of course the Trolls will be nice and agree to almost anything…
Just so they’ll be left alone… perchance to dream in peace.