Written by: Louis Drago

   The mountain air was full of mist. The sun was slow to rise, being held down by heavy clouds. Windows were slowly opened to visions of panoramic landscapes. Birds circled in flight, singing to the waves of the rocky shore below. 
   Karina began her morning chores. She lit the large iron stove, got out spices to season foods, prepared meats for meals. Karina started making the dough for breads on the special dough block.
   Karina was tired from last evening... a family dance where 50 people attended. There was a lot of preparation; a lot of cleaning up afterwards. Karina was pacing herself to do the best she could.
   Karina had been with the Bellvadires for many years. She was treated like family. Karina knew family secrets between the bloodline. She had more control of the Bellvadire Family than any expected. 
   Senior Bellvadire met Karina when she was homeless and at odds with life. He took her in, gave her a job, and a place to live for the rest of her life. Members of the family feared Karina. Psychic abilities, patience, and long-suffering were characteristics of Karina. She studied a wide variety of various religions. 
   Karina had a strong will. She always attempted to make decisions to help the Bellvadires out of life's problems. Karina had hardly any money, but she had wisdom beyond compare.