Autumn's Beauty


Autumn's Beauty

Deep in the south, it is a welcome feeling
A cool front, oh so appealing
I can feel it, the cool front is near
Autumn breeze, a change in atmosphere

The smell in the air, so crisp and new
Opening the windows, wind come through
Breeze through the air, so cool on the skin
Gives me energy, a good feeling within

The thoughts of catching the school bus early in the morning
a memory returns no matter how old I am approaching
Then out pops "Halloween" the holiday it's forthcoming
Autumn's memories of past and new so amazing

Pumpkin spice and everything nice
The scents are the best, meant to entice
Mothers pumkin preserve, made with care
Come get some, we will share

The season of autumn has its own rainbow
Out comes the red, orange and yellow
Gonna take it all in, enjoy this beautifull change
Before you know it, winter will exchange

Contest by:Gail Doyle
August 13, 2012