Written by: Richard Palmer

Girls love can be bitter,love can be sweet,
Take this warning,don't hurry to fall in love 
with every man that you meet,
Don't let the first hello or pretty smile,sweep 
you off your feet,
Take time and get to know the man that you meet,
You didn't take warning,instead,
The first date,a kiss on your forehead,
The second,a kiss on your cheek,
On the third date,tongue pass teeth,
Three days after you meet,you are under the sheet,
Madly in love and it's not even a week,
Then here comes bitter,out goes sweet,
You start seeing him less,your life feels incomplete,
You check out his file and finds out he has two 
girls on the block and a big woman down the street,
You talk to him about it, he threatens to knock out 
your teeth,
Your loving relationship,only lasted three weeks,
It could have been avoided,more bitter than sweet....

dedicated to my 2 daughters Roxxanna 24,and Shanique 18,
daddy loves you.....