New Love Bring

Written by: Owen Yeates

Why do we cause each other such tears and pain?
We do it over time and time again
Our tempers flare what’s it all about
You and I we rant and shout

We bring each other such heartache
Why? For we can have love no one can break
Your destined to live life you say on your own
Why when we can marry and there is no need to be alone

The past may haunt you, but on this rely
Together we’ll shake it just let us try
I will be round forever try losing me if you can
For I will not be shaken off I want to be your man

You say you feel horrible that just is not true
For I know you darling you’re beautiful through and through
I will always say this for you’re special to me
And our love to is special it just has to be

We are really worth fighting for or love is to good
To let the past spoil it lets love as we should
Your hand in mine standing side by side
From the moment we rise until eventide

Remember though when tempers flare
We love each other and that’s what we share
Love in out heart, soul and everything
Just forget the past and both new love bring