Written by: Joe Flach

I really do not like the thought of a God that makes things happen
Call it destiny, call it fate, call it pre-determination
Call it God’s grand plan or deity intervention
Call it whatever you want to call it – I don’t like it

When people say, “I want to thank God for helping us win a game”
Or, achieve a goal
Or, beat a disease
Well, it implies that God also made the other team loose
Or made someone else fail
Or selected others to die from the disease
I hope God is not playing favorites
I hope God is not sitting at the controls of a video game in which we are simply the characters

This does not mean I do not believe in God, because I do
I just do not believe that God is playing us like a video game

God created the universe in which we live
But, God did not select us as an avatar
God does not move us and those around us with a remote control device

Perhaps God works in mysterious ways
Well, so too does my son at the controls of Mario Kart,
I hope my actions are not the result of pressing Control A and rotating a toggle

I do not want to be in God’s video game 
I want out of God’s wii world and into a world where I can control my own movements

I am not Mario; you are not Luigi; and no one, no God, no snot nosed kid sitting in his pajamas at four o’clock in the afternoon on a gorgeous sunny day playing video games in a dark playroom has control over my actions, my feelings or my decisions!

Let your religious beliefs guide you as you will – I refuse to believe I am nothing more than a character in some grand video game conceived by a game-playing God.  I am real and I defy my programmer – whomever or whatever he/she may be!!

GAME OVER … wah, wah, wah … boink