Written by: femi joey oloidi

You know
i'll be your bed
when you are red
and overlooked like an unintelligent nerd
I’ll be your bed

You know 
i’ll be your sweetheart,
when everyone sees you as a sweating rat 
I’ll be your sweetheart 

I'll be your cradle
on whom you lay the candle of your burdens
I shall surely bundle away all your bundle of stress
and rekindle the light and right of your happiness  
I’ll be your cradle
I'll be your strong fellow 
Because you make my life smell like a polo perfume

I'll be your rainbow,
when darkness block you with its fat elbow to put you in drabness
I’ll be your rainbow

I'll be your rain,
to render all your pain useless 

I'll be your sugar-cane,
to cane away your fears and tears
and make your bitter-weep feelings,

I'll be your train,
that will surely be out their waiting for you and only you, 
after the hash rain.
I’ll be your train