What Next

Written by: Summer Arthur

I feel you slipping away
With each moment of each day,
You went back to her
And suddenly I wasn't so sure
Of anything anymore,
You had closed that door.

I kept reopening scars,
Watching windows in passing cars,
Hoping you'd be back
And that this broken crack
In my heart would be
Fixed and I could once again be free.

But I always hear
You're happy, I shouldn't interfere,
Do you know 
The hurt you put me through,
The pain never leaves,
You were in and out of my life like a breeze.

Now I'm left in the dark,
Still trying to find my own spark,
Let it shine, let it shine,
I used to back when you were mine,
But nothing lasts forever,
I forgot that until I realized you meant never.

And the stars still burn bright,
What a pretty little picture of the night,
You used to hold me so tight,
Pushed away all my fears and fright,
But maybe I was dreaming,
And now I'm left with tears and the screaming.

You promised forever,
You were so damn clever,
I was naive and a fool,
Your intentions were cruel,
I don't know how I ever fell
But now I hope you're happy I'm unwell.

It's not easy letting go,
I try to let it out and flow
Like a racing current,
But all I feel is broken and bent 
Out of shape and out of hand,
And now this broken emptiness I can't stand....