Erasing You

Written by: Summer Arthur

One look in your eyes and I felt like flying,
Boy, now you have me denying,
That you're gone,
We were wrong,
It was never gonna last forever.

It took me this long to feel okay again,
To forget about all the remember whens,
The happiness,
Feeling blessed,
Those days I felt everything was perfectly flawless.

Those words it's over, my heart screaming,
Every night I was dreaming
How it used to be,
Just you and me,
But you were right when you said we all have to move on.

I can't live this way loving you with my heart,
I knew you'd leave from the start,
But you promised,
And now I miss
The way you used to hold me and say you'd never let me go.

I've been trying to hold onto something that just
Isn't there anymore, the rust
Is setting in,
Peeling off my skin
And revealing grey chrome underneath.

Swirling clouds of mist rain down on me,
It's gotten so hard to breathe,
But you were cold,
So let goodbye unfold
And don't let me think about the way it used to be.