The Fear of the Night

Written by: Tammy Flanagan

The Fear of the Night

Startled by a wet and chilly touch to her thigh
Hannah frightfully opened her eyes

With only her eyes she looked to the left and then to the right
While noticing on the clock, that is was only eleven thirty at night

Only her breathing she could hear
No unusual sounds or loved ones that she held so dear

There it was again!  
As anxiety over took her body while her mind trying to go insane

Hannah thoughts went to another dimension of what ifs
It could be this or it could be that as her mind started to shift

Nothing she knew compared to this feeling
As she stilled her eyes toward the ceiling

Then, her sheets slowly proceeded to move towards the front of the bed
She bravely reached her arm to the small light above her head

It seemed like a lifetime until her finger tips felt the dangling chain
The weight of the pull was harder to sustain

The brightness of the light overcame her vision as she blinked several times
Dots of stars flashed before her as she finally regained her normal sight

What to do? She never thought this through.
Should she sit up or even try to move?

The bed began to rise and she decided quickly to get out of her room
All she knows is that, she is going to get her broom!

Making a dash from the bed to the door
She tripped on the rug and fell to the floor

Looking up towards the bed she breathes with relief 
The small mountain did not flinch as she started to creep

Through her bedroom door to the hall closet
On her hands and knees she began to sweat

The door was already ajar as her heart slowed to a calm 
She stood to her feet and grabbed the broom tightly around her palm

An intensity of control moved through every vein
This is her home, her domain!

Quickly to her room raising the broom like a sword
She suddenly heard a whimper in the air so fragile she could not ignore

Looking around she wondered, where this voice of help was coming from
The sheets began to sway back and forth, louder the cry hummed

She grabbed the sheets and threw them in the air
And laughed when she realized what made her so scared

A hairy creature he was
From top to bottom in his cute little pajamas

What was this that touched her thigh so wet and so cold?
Would you believe, her sweet little puppy dogs black nose!