gather together olympians

Written by: louis rams


We are gathered here together
To make this world better.
Athletes from every nation
Participating in this celebration.

Everyone with a goal in mind
To leave their mark at this time.
It mattered not if it was swimming
Pole vaulting , running ,volley ball
In the water or on the land
They was there to take a stand.

Then I stop and think and in complete awe
How this world gets together to reach a score.
All problems are forgotten at this particular time
As they cross the finish line.

If we can do this for this short spell
Then we should send these problems
All to hell.

Many walked away with smiles on their faces
And some with  tears in their eyes , and not
Because they didn’t try.

The OLYMPICS come every four years
And they start training at a very young age
Just so they could climb up that two foot step
So that a judge can put a medal around their neck.

They do this for their own gratification
And to be honored by their nation.
To feel the joy that this event brings
Just like a ball player who gets that ring.

I salute you one and all -you have reason to stand tall.