I wanted to meet you

Written by: Shahana Jackson

Your black hair
reminds me of the first time I saw you
And the second time and the third
I would watch you walk by me 
You were so caught up in the moment.
Laughing with some person on the phone.
hair in a pony tail 
I would watch as it swung back and forward.
So much life in your eyes.
So beautiful it caught me by surprise.
I wanted to meet you.
But I knew I would never try.
So I admired you from a far.
Stealing glances across the cafeteria
I told all my friends about you
I thought you were someone I would never have
I said look at her and her dark hair " she's perfect"
I knew you were perfect with just one glance
That was than and this is now
and every now and than you still make me nervous.
I waited a long time to meet you.
It took forever to greet you.
And now I'm afraid of goodbyes.
It's ironic because not too long ago I was afraid to say HI.