Good Night - Sweet Dreams

Written by: Anne Lise Andresen

                                                    Dear little child
                                                      Day is over
                                                     Evening falls
                                                 Little feet are tired
                                                   Days play is over
                                               Time for evening meal
                                                    Wash your face
                                                       and hands
                                                  Brushing your teeth
                                              Teddy bear on the pillow
                                                Roses on your cheeks
                                               Time for a little fairytale
                                                    Evening prayer
                                            Wrap you into the soft blanket
                                                    Kiss and hugs
                                               Desire for sweet dreams
                                               I love you my little child

12. August 2012
A-L Andresen :)
 * It is long time since I had small children....but.....lovely memories :) :)