Under the water fall

Written by: João Camilo

I found Love bathing below a water fall
Bow and arrows casually laid aside
above his attire and white plumes;
the air was covered by wet fumes,
yet I could see his arms open wide,
his back turned against the stone wall .
Love called me and I said: “It is late,
I was struck before by your tips.”
But he jumped over the surface ,
I fell rearward surprised by his grace,
He placed his finger on his thin lips,
The water streaming fast to its fate.
“The only clock I can hear is there,
Blossoming in your ripening chest
The seconds move tic…tac….tic…tac…,
Slow as the water sliding on my back
soft as the breathing of a baby rest,
I never ask when, I only wonder where.”
I closed my eyes so now I can see:
She was veiled by Love’s disguise;
I open my eyes but it was in vain.
Before I could see clearly again
She was swift and also very wise,
Dressing her wings to quickly flee.