Fighting For The Right To Live, For The Right To Love -

Written by: Justin Bordner

My hourglass shattered somewhere in the Limbo
I found myself swiming towards stones instead of stars,
my heart,fragile & curious began to beat navely,bravely for my soul's sitar,
the flesh of this stage surrounded the nerves of this sapling as roots around rockbed,
I started with limbs erect in love,spine suffused in fluid of affinity's fascination of Godhead,
baby's breath on the cool flame of Future's fortune met with glow from sensation's woe,
sorrow bit my toe,

as my charriot transmutted to a coach wagon,the payload plused,fears pulsed and the price
it seemed sudden that now hurt could hem the forecast of my dreams,that violence may
precipitate from creation,
in wrongs done unto me I saw the scales of satisfaction heave,debts remitted,and new crimes incurred for salvation,
I battled the spectrum of skeletons & centuries of ceremonious confusion,colliding with rage, cruel apathy detected,
then,in the hysteria of self inflicted hell, love burst through denial like a wail in wilderness as I threw self pity a rainbow -