King of Desire

Written by: Cassandra Wentworth

Your king of desire
All women admire
The structure of your walk
The smooth of your talk

The size of your stand
With bold demand
The gaze of your stare
Is to them a dare

Your aura from within
Makes them all want to sin
You know that with ease
Anyone you can please

You choose to be modest
Pull away and play shy
It's part of the game
But you refuse to lie

Your swift on the move 
No need to prove
Your sexual gaze
To them you faze

Your cut like a diamond
Rough like the wind
Flooding like rain
You induce good pain

Between our thighs
Release heavy sighs
Quiver with sight 
Bring on delight

Your sweet voice it melts
Makes us week in the knees
It rings in the ears
Brings on the tears

Hoping for just a single touch
We fear you so much
Your a superstar
So close yet so far

We dream of you at night
Exceeding our sexual heights
Fulfiling our fantasies
Taking us to ecstasy

Just one touch
Would make us scream
While you sing
They all cream

You tease us with a stare
On stage you half bare
You wiggle your hips
And then wet your lips

You smile with delight
Knowing you have us drawn tight
You know we wish to have you
Just for one night