He will hearken

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

God will do anything possible to grant us our request
He hears us
We have to trust that he knows and hearkens to our longing
It may not be today
Or even tomorrow
But it will come
In His time
But He will give them
He hears even a fleeting thought
Unspoken yearning
Hope, aspiration
He cares for them all 
He will craft them in His mazed amazement 
That He will do for His humankind
He is God 
Alone, unequaled
Incomparable, matchless, unparalleled
Unrivaled, unsurpassable, inimitable
He is all
He knows all
And He will take care of business
So never fear
Doubt, lose faith
Hope in Him
The Creator, The Author of Our Faith
The I Am, the Great Shepherd, The Light of the World