Perplexed Poetess

Written by: Angelica Grier

Words for how I feel sometimes don't I have 
Sometimes feelings that just are my that feelings 
That my soul plague episodes emotional 
Which cannot words explain 
Phenomenon a strange and weird 
On Files stuff some X 
Me you and have a relationship bipolar 
I you like now but minutes I won't in five 
You me love but you love don't I 
Nothing fair there is an about exchange uneven 
Loved to be I want but I you hate that me love 
You love I want to can't but I just 
No sense makes it at all 
The head and heart in my confusion that swirls 
Creating together twists the venom bitterest 
Protection my own for I spit 
Myself defending genuine words from your 
So hard trying to be not that girl stupid 
Stupid I'm anyway for something rebuking so authentic 
Futile efforts are my