Written by: angel heady

How can you own love? When it's supposed to free. How can you claim to own me like a piece of property. When I gave you my love free of charge.
Now you claim to own me becuase You tried to show a better way of life. How when money can't buy happiness.  love is not a game to be played.
 it comes from deep down inside the heart.   

You will never know what love is becuase your coldhearted.  There's nothing inside of you but lies and discrete.  The world knows all you care about is money and power. 
What good is power?  When all you do is misuse it.  Treating people like their nothing but garbage to be thrown away.  When your done using them.  Leaving only distruction behind.   You want respect from the world around you. But you don't deserve it.  Becuase You can 't  own people's thoughts or feelings.