Threshold of night- dusk

Written by: Yesha Shah

My day is melting into the warm embrace of the night The night ushers in hopes of a joyous morrow, bright Bright are my suffused chromes at a vibrant horizon Horizon where lovers, earth and sky meet, not unite Unite but I will, all iridescent longings of my heart My heart that goes out to luminous twinkling stars Stars brighten God's palette, dazzle His night canvas Canvas of life, enriching it with happy tinges, tints Tints of pain and sorrow, embellish over with blessings Blessings anoint sore wounds, soothing and balmy Balmy introspective thoughts ooze out of mind at Dusk The Dusk, a spiritual journey, curtains my life, my day! Yesha Shah For Wreath on the Flavor of Dusk contest by Nette Onclaud 11/08/2012