Had better be worth it

Written by: Nana Akua Mensah

let's take a look at the beginning

wen the matters in your heart mattered to u alone

wen like BoB b4 Airplanes u wer unknown

wen the pp u had on speed dial wldn pick up e fone

n u hid the tears that only u knew wer dripping

fast forward to the here n now

to the thunderous applause u hear wen u take a bow

to the microphones that flood u to hear u speak

to how ur opinions r published week after week

who wlda thot that dis was all id take

a lil fame a lil fortune wit only jus ur soul at stake

sometimes wen the champagne wears n its quiet out

those lil flashbulbs tha go on n off its cald doubt

u knw that maybe dis lyf aint so cool

its got u dancn to their whims like okomfo anokye for the golden stool

n honestly hon who u tryna fool

so uv got mags writng down ur salad makn tips

n women lust afta ur collagen fild lips

u knw ur worth more han wat uv become

but u kip lyn to urself tha wats ben dun is dun

but we both know hon..it's only just begun...