Telephone Man

Written by: Lee Ramage

Moved into my first apartment, I was now standing completely on my own, Called the telephone company to install my phone so I wouldn’t feel alone. Felt pretty proud of myself, just didn’t realize how young and foolish I was, The telephone man hooked up my phone but his good looks gave me pause. Said he had my number and thought going out with me would be a delight, With a quick goodbye, he’d call to see if I was free for a drink one night. We had several dinner dates and I thought that things were going well, Until I had to call him at work and I realized I was in some kind of hell. I asked for him by name and another man’s voice came on the phone, Seems he had lied to me, his actions his colleague did not condone. Apparently he was married and had children this telephone man, He used his enterprising dating scheme and I fell for his plan. Thought we might be developing something special, a close bond, While all the time I fell for him, I was actually just being conned. Found out he was working one day on a phone line close to town, So I drove over and called out his real name, he turned with a frown. You’re just a liar, a cheat and a dirty rotten scoundrel I shouted out, My dreams shattered but a little wiser because of this telephone lout.
Written August 11, 2012 For Lisa Cooper ~ Dark Poetess’ contest “Dirty Deeds”