Written by: Nana Akua Mensah

Dim the lights because they hurt my eyes

And the presence of the darkness illuminates my disguise

Do a dance hold a hand at the masquerade

When life gives someone else lemons I make some real good lemonade

Blend in like the camo of a warring soldier

Have the surrounding induced colour change of a certain creature

Repeat the things that I don't believe

When I know it's me and myself alone that I deceive

They raise a ahand I raise a hand too

Kick back and wonder to myself who rili is the real you

It's a hot mess inside of me

Because the person that I am and who I seem to be do not agree

Scale the wall of my self made monastery

Slink away from my mind built penitentiary

Why do I do these things?

I tell myself and blame it all on society's demandings

Let them be the puppeteer that pulls my strings

So I will be who I am not truly

And the audience of this world stage at the curtain call better applaud me

So cut the lights, stand on the ledge of our dark nights

And watch our suffocated true hearts become tomb sites.