When Imposters Whisper In The Image -

Written by: Justin Bordner

When does a man know he is genuine,
authentic as anger with iniquity,unimaginary as shadows in sun light
or blood in the wound,
alive like apples on the tongue,

when does a woman cease acting and begin living like an energy
driven relentlessly onto a target,
breathing from within to produce a rythme for personal purpose,
when do children become Machiavellian,stealing for lust,lying for laughs
and hiding for safety,when do they stop believing
that they are whatever can be desired,
there are creatures on this planet displaying instinct for mimicking a prey's sound
or using camoflage for ambush,
in doing so they depart not from a natural state,
what is necessary & unnecessary for healthy survival,
is there a mask for self trust,
is there a script for peer acceptence,
a mantra or prayer for self awareness,
is there such a thing as true & untrue,a good day and a bad day,
who is responsible for truth,
is it the witness or the conductor,
does experience decieve or present,
does the frost cheat the blossom,
do words mislead or is ignorance the folly,
do men disguise themselves subsequent to virtue or vice,
to survive or profit,

the portrait speaks no riddle,
falsehood finds no home outside the frame
nor inside the canvas,
impostering is a function of honesty 
to charlatan & fool alike -