Written by: Jamie Rua

I gave it my all 
I tried to stand 
But you made me crawl 

I gave you my love 
Something you could keep 
Not for you to dispose of 

I gave you my soul 
So we could walk together 
Never thinking you'd take control 

I gave you my mind 
We could think as one 
Instead you had declined 

I gave you the gun 
You asked for the bullets 
But I had none 

I gave you the knife 
You gave me a kiss 
Then you took my life 

I gave you everything 
And what for 
I'll never be again 
My body lays on the floor 

Maybe I'll be at peace 
Knowing your not here 
My soul is now released 
Visions all disappear 

A feeling of serenity 
Passes over me 
A beautiful melody 
Sounding so heavenly