Hope and Faith

Written by: Bettie Avery

I will no longer feel ashamed
Didn't realize what I was getting into
No longer standing here will I be blamed
Now I am the one smarter then you
You stole my soul for awhile
I now take it back for me
No longer will I stay in denile
My eyes are open ans can now see
No longer will I make my living on the streets for you
You liked putting me under with drugs like a spell
There are other choices I now know I can do
Unlike the first night when my soul fell
All I could do was stay numb and cry
you said stop crying ***** we made one thousand dollars
I knew I had to start planning my goodbye
For the first time in my life I wished I had a father
I finally found my courage to leave
I looked up to the sky and realized my father was there
Some how in my heart I still could believe
Now with hope and faith my life will go somewhere
Feb.10, 2009 Bettie Avery