To old school to be a young fool

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

I remember the rules of this game
Their never going to change
Back on those hot days
When uncle Jay would display
His war wounds and tattoos
Telling us the streets were bad news
Knowing a few would still pay heavy dues
So to that portion he poured in
More answers than questions
Past generations lessons

Their triumphs and failings

How not to step on your neighbors toes
Unless they oppose your household
Then anything goes
Stay nose to nose with your foes
The eyes are the soul
He believed firmly that robberies were cowardly
If your a man make that money
And five minutes of fame
through the street games
Will untimately leave you estranged
From your freedom
When the law meets them
Square business never cheat them
And knowledge of self before knowledge of wealth
You can only play the hand your dealt
He said to question all answers
Professors, doctors and especially lawyers
never squander a quarter
Unless for water
He would say
You can change your ways 
Before you pass away
But he never saw that day
The same streets he felt only he could beat
Trampled him under their feet
So now i teach my son the past and present rules
Cause I'm old school and cant be a fool