Need Not

Written by: Jasima fk

If you can't realise, what will make u go on.. 
Amidst the fallacy, anticipation to be gone..
With needs to track the timeline aback
Shortcoming endeavoured voidance, that stack
Is it 'that' creepy stranger, holding legs to break a move?
For over & over again, it gets to be a fact to prove!!
When very often are people bound to say,
"Things will however be set its way..."
While yet, priceless lives brood in fake,
Turning up, parodies of men at stake!!
Would it not be a crime, to folly an infinite time?
So as to blend into, a worldly rhyme..?
For thoughts that wind around a thousand quirks,
Way enough it is, to blow up frailty that lurks.
Not to fret; For it still, can be all set!
You need not, curl on a melancholy..
Need not be swung into a tyranny..
Commence on a passionate solitude,
Twinned with a spiritual multitude..
Do the little that you can,
To every tear that run down, in a span.
Skim out the limelight for a meager
Plunge into the pool of wisdom with eager
Touring over the planet earth, for once a birth,
Acts of purpose, hold the paramount ranks
For the Eternity has his best laid plans.