Voices in the Darkl

Written by: Robert Ludden

Cautious spirits test the waters of my world
and call to me....then go away.
Perhaps they are perfecting 
inter-mind devices, just like
psychic Edisons, Marconi's revenant
in breakthrough  just for me, or else perhaps
celestial wallflowers, much too diffident                
to follow up my name with headlines
from beyond the grave.

Am I  their snuffling guinea pig?---
their crude receptor in this mass of flesh
that yearns for finely-tuned antennae
(please God, invisible,)
and color pictures if one may,
upon my mental screen?
No,  I am most content 
upon this cautious course,
though I know not the hazards
of its path, the travelers, or the design, 
nor may I fine their metaphysical intent.

The reader knows,  I speak with some regret.
for there are those who will decide
that I bear watching, lest my touch
upon their world  begin to fade too much,
that I be too entranced of waves
they cannot... will not see.

Though I may somewhat fear the world
beyond white doors, I still invite
my curtained friends to part the night
with energy no instrument that science met
may sense just yet--no no, not  yet.