The Child in the Corner of the Street

Written by: Deepak Ahuja

            Days come and days go, 
            Like a pendulum’s to and fro, 
            But night’s stay with me awake, 
            As if a world is in the make, 
            Only one thought holds on to my mind, 
            As a species does to one of its kind, 
            The child I saw in the corner of the street, 
            Though not a home to him, but a retreat, 
            The road has relinquished him of food, 
            But has taught him to fight his hunger, 
            The open sky has gifted him the coldest of nights, 
            But has taught him to fly high in the dreamy air, 
            The sickness was visible in those deep black eyes, 
            But they were all decorated with the aspirations, 
            He was though fighting for his necessities, 
            But was having all the energy required for his illumination, 
            The moment those black eyes fell into mine, 
            There was a question for me, and for the divine, 
            Why the one having all the opportunities fail to achieve, 
            While the one who can achieve is not opportune, 
            May be the destiny is answering this to us, 
            As this brings the status quo to an equilibrium, 
            As there is no one who gets everything, 
            And there is no one who gets nothing, but some.