Until the End

Written by: Bettie Avery

Until the End
My mom is very sick
the cancer is so thick
Chemo I have my doubts
Now her hair is falling out
She has good and bad days
For her heaven is on its way
I will miss her so much
I will no longer feel her touch
It's hard to stay strong
When something like this is going on
Taking one day at a time
All the memories crowd my mind
I cry so hard when I'm all alone
Then I hear the ringing of my phone
On the other end it is your voice I hear
It gives me comfort and strength while removing my fear
You are the only one who can make me laugh and smile
You make the sadness go away for awhile
Thank you for being my best friend
I know you are there to help me when her life comes to an end
November 13, 2011 Bettie L. Avery