A Fairy Tale

Written by: Bettie Avery

A Fairy Tale
With the sound of your voice
my stomach gets filled with butterflies
For me there is no choice
I get lost in your eyes
My mind goes blank
All my heart can do is sigh
When you give me that wink
I am so glad our paths crossed again
God has some good things
Planned for us in the end
I cant wait for spring
In my life I know I need you
I melt with your smile
I hope someday you'll need me too
I havent felt wanted for awhile
With you I feel so wanted now
When we talk on the phone
I feel attractive somehow
I know I am not alone
You will always be my best friend too
I cant seem to get you off my mind
I am so glad I didnt back away from you
This feels like a fairy tale sometimes
You say you love me
I know I love you
You are my teddybear you see
When you call me cupcakes it gets me through
You say a life we will have together
I want that so bad
We will be happy forever
A Fairy tale we have
written Nov. 13, 2011 Bettie L. Avery