the sweetest sound

Written by: louis rams


The sweetest sound I ever heard
Was the power of his words.
He took me out of the clutches of hell
And in my heart - he does dwell.

I found myself falling down
He picked me up off the ground
wiped me off and set me down. 

I recalled many of the sermons
That my preacher had said
Of how JESUS raised
LAZARUS from the dead

If he could raise him so easily
Then helping me was a breeze
So  many miracles that he had created
Left the rabbi’s  devastated.

But more than the rabbi’s devastation
I had become so elated- that I was picked
Up in my hour of weakness and despair
“Showing me that the LORD does care.”

He cares about all that believe in him
Including the ones who had sinned
He has no preference to age or gender
If to him your heart you will surrender.