Written by: Wm Paul

(Written NOVEMBER 9, 1967)

God did cloud the sky that day,
To keep part of His place whole.
The second place was chosen then
To fulfill the mission.

They came so high that few could see,
For those that did and saw were lost.

The time was short for it to fall,
And at the time and place that it
Was to be it was, and did that
Which it was to do.

So off it went, and those that were near,
Had no fear of it, for quick it killed.

Shadows stopped on walls that fell,
Glass did fly and rip and tear.
Few beneath, all dead, so quick.
A man did see, and watch it fall, and died.
The first did fall here and another near,
Some of these did die there then.

The dead are gone, their ash is dust,
We remember them, to forget, we can not.
It is done in the past, and again it could
Be done to us, or them again. or others.

Yes, the children play and run with glee,
But run with death of the past, as do all from war.

Plant a flower to grow over he graves,
Clean the death from the streets and ways
Build again and keep the peace today.