my clansmen, tell me

Written by: Canny Amah

my clansmen where is mother
where is our companion-she
where that amazon the gazelle
whose fast limbs are paradise-made
my clansmen: it pains it pains
like some delicate & new wounds
we have gone through the forests
a day of search’ng is like a decade
what would a full moon bring to us
we’ve been through my niger’s banks
all the cave are fully naked to eyes
of pestering search - my clansmen
lets get into the azure is mother 
of the earth cover’d by the rumbling
clouds or by the ascending gods
of the nine clans - this sky’s rowdy
when the fights are o’er would she
return to her homestead & to us
or remain among those thousands
of thousands: the sacred moons 
of the head of heaven & earth