In quest of distant life - Curiosity

Written by: Pradipta Roy Choudhury

A streak of silver-gold, shoots,
Through the cryogenic smog,
Mankind, in the quest of life,
Push beyond inquisitive fog.

Nine years of travel through-
Never ending dark night,
Only to be shattered by the 
Brilliance of starlight,

A parachute opens,
With a payload –drop,
Touchdown in a terrain that,
In no human imagination – crop,

In this desolate planet,
Is there life?
The radio crackles,
Alas, no motion in sight.

The rover moves
Tracks trail in the dust,
The robotic arm gently scrapes off,
Samples of crust,

Lasers peer through the surface,
And peep into the deep,
Expecting traces of hydro-carbon,
In the scan sweep,

Curiosity back at the base station,
When will the wait end?
When will we discover that-
Earth had a living friend?