Nothing More

Written by: Willie Wright

Nothing More    

There is nothing more precious
Than the creation of woman;
She is the mother of all life.
God truly has made the perfect blend
Of mind, body, and soul.

There is nothing more splendid
Than a woman's spirit;
She is the matriarch of hope.
Instinctively, she elevates
The morale of others.

There is nothing more powerful
Than a woman's will;
No obstacle to rigid, no dream unimaginable.
All things are possible in her domain.

There is nothing more harassing
Than a woman's beauty;
She is a desired distraction; a living Goddess.
No artist can replicate her sweet silhouette.

There is nothing more rewarding
Than pleasing a woman;
She surrenders herself to love and romance,
In exchange for a confident glow.

There is nothing more pleasant
Than the company of a woman;
Her gentle words of peace,
Together with her soothing touch,
Are sensitive and inspiring.

There is nothing more comforting
Than the love of a woman,
Nothing more
Nothing more
Nothing more.