Don't You Wanna

Written by: Chyleen Lopez

Don't you wanna
Kiss me gently?
Don't you wanna 
Hold me lively?
Don't you wanna 
Love me like,
I love you?

And if you do.....
Baby I do too <3

I've tried so hard to impress 
Don't you wanna know more?
And if you do.....
There ain't no problem with me 
tellin you.... <3

I stare at you from a distance
I picture you coming to me
And stealing a kiss.....
I love trusting you.

Don't you wanna 
Make this not be this way?
Don't you wanna 
Make sure it can become 

Cuz I do....
How about you?
So don't you wanna 
Love me like I love you?
Cuz I do...
Don't you wanna?